For over 70 years, LISTA has been providing efficient and organized workspace and storage solutions. Today, LISTA manufactures workshop and warehouse furnishings in three production facilities and sells them around the world through their own sales offices and their distributors.

Modern manufacturing facilities of LISTA are located in Switzerland, Germany and USA, employing over 1200 people. Its annual turnover exceeds 300 mln SWF.

The LISTA brand is empowered by a long and proud company history. Today, LISTA is successful because the company focuses on what it prevalently controls: workspace centring around the top-class, robust, drawer cabinets. With the motto “Making Workspace Work”, LISTA today offers a competitively priced, high quality product range for an increasingly wide area of usage.

The internationally oriented corporate group of LISTA Workshop Equipment and Storage Systems has established itself as a market leader and is the only trans-Atlantic provider of drawer cabinets, shelving systems and technical workstations.